Vintage trailer parks are becoming quite popular. In the last few years they seem to be popping up more often where people can rent a vintage trailer overnight similar to a hotel or bed and breakfast. People are also parking them on their property and renting them out through Airbnb to make some extra money. This is a great way to show the younger generations a blast from the past, the different styling from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. The quality and craftsmanship put into vintage trailers forty to sixty years ago is not even comparable to the quality of modern trailers of today. The materials used were also much better quality. Most vintage trailer interiors were made with wood that might have been Birch Wood, Oak, Mahogany, Cedar and many others.   Modern trailers these days are mostly finished with manmade materials, particle board and pressed board that are by far inferior to the products used 50 years ago.

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Just a few years ago an average condition vintage trailer selling on Craigslist was not such a desirable item and took a while to sell but these days they are in high demand fetching top dollar and most times sell for much more than they sold for as a new trailer forty to fifty years ago.   Vintage restorations are done by individuals who have some handyman skills but there are companies popping up in every city that are doing amazing work restoring old vintage trailers. There are two trends, one is for the purists who want to bring back the interiors of the vintage trailers to their original condition, the other is for the vintage trailer enthusiast that totally refurbishes the interior with modern amenities along with a contemporary design. They re-do all the wiring, plumbing and all appliances which makes their vintage trailer almost brand new inside but vintage on the outside.


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At Desert Sands Vintage Trailer Park we have both kinds of collectors and both have created some beautiful results. Stop by our vintage trailer park any time you are in Borrego Springs and take a tour or maybe a little travel through time.

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