snowbird is a term often associated with people who move from the higher latitudes and colder climates of the northern USA and Canada and migrate southward in winter to warmer locales such as Florida, California, Hawaii, Arizona, Texas, or elsewhere along the Sun Belt of the southern United States, Mexico, and areas …


Our vintage trailer park has become home to many of our northern visitors. At a certain age, one has to decide if they want to haul or drive that large rig another year. Why not find a place you like and park it for the season or for the year or for the future.  Since 2016 we have a policy that we only allow vintage trailers so for people that have vintage trailers and are not allowed to park in regular RV parks, Desert Sands Vintage Trailer Park would be a perfect fit.

We have kept our annual rates low enough to interest our visitors in becoming more permanent in our park. For what most parks charge for the season, we can offer space for the year. There is something attractive about knowing you have a steady space that is your’s year around. A space you can attractively customize and take pride in. A piece of heaven right here in the Anza Borrego Desert State Park.  At the “Park n Plunge” pool we keep the pool at a minimum of 82 degrees and the Jacuzzi is hot all year.

Desert Sands Vintage Trailer Park has some of the best landscaping around.  Most of our snowbirds take amazing pride in their outdoor spaces with the use of native plants, wood decks, shade structures, custom fencing, gravel ground covers, beautiful vintage trailers, murals and more

Next time you visit Borrego, please stop by and let us show you some of our options. We know you will be glad you did so.